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“Twerk n Flirt”

Hot girl summer is in full effect, starring the millennial Divah herself. Keke Palmer has released her new single "Twerk and Flirt". On August 1st, the young actress/singer drops a hit that serves as the perfect track to get you pumped for a well needed night out with your friends. Keke shares with us that shes all about having a good time, and making the most of the night. But don’t be fooled fellas, she makes it very clear that although she may be getting down on the dance floor and looks’ good while doing it. The spot light is one her, and she’s in her element. She sings:

One dance is all that i have for you Twerk like i'm from New Orleans Baby, can you handle all this But it don’t matter’ cause you wont hit this This dance is all that I gave for you

Known for her, down to earth and bubbly personality Keke gives us a hit that brings that same energy and then some.This upbeat song is about leaving it all on the dance floor, and just having and all around good time. Go check out Keke Palmers new single “Twerk N Flirt”.

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