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The Newest "Inspiring Women" Barbies

On Women's Equality Day, Barbie released two special collectable dolls. The two iconic dolls were in honor of Rosa Parks and Sally Ride. Now, you all should know who they are but I'll tell you just in case we have some people out there who don't know.

Rosa Parks was an American activist in the Civil Rights Movement. You may know her for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott as the black lady who refused to give up her seat in the front of the bus for a white passenger.

Sally Ride was an American astronaut and physicist. In 1978, she joined NASA and became the first American woman in space in 1983.

Mattle added these two dolls to their " Inspiring Women" Barbie collection. Ameila Earhart, Katherine Johnson, and Frida Kahlo are already in the collection. Each doll comes with clothing, accessories, and information to educate the buyers on the impact the ladies made on the society. Both dolls were available on priced at $29.9 99. Parks was sold on Walmart and Ride was sold at Target.

Growing up Rosa Parks was always one of my favorite leaders in Black History so I pre-ordered my doll as soon as I heard about their debut. This is amazing to see that they're still paying homage to them years later and how the upcoming generations can experience a piece of history through the dolls forever.

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