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Katy Perry Faces Sexual Assault and Misconduct Accusations

Days after celebrating the ninth anniversary of her album Teenage Dream, Katy Perry is being accused of sexual assault and misconduct from one of her previous models. Josh Kloss, the model who appeared in Teenage Dream music video, is accusing Perry of sexual misconduct. In an Instagram post, Kloss is alleging the incident to have happened in 2012 at a party for Johnny Wujek, a former creative consultant for America’s Next Top Model.

“Perry pulled my Adidas sweats and underwear out as far as she could to show a couple of her guy friends and the crowd around us, my penis,” said Kloss. After the alleged incident, Kloss recounts feeling “embarrassed and pathetic”. When fans questioned his decision to wait nine years to tell his story, he responded by telling Perry’s fans to read the comment section of his social media posts. “I’m not about to let you make accusations against my friend like this,” Wujek commented. “This is such bullshit. Katy would never do something like that.” “Remember you texted me saying how you’re in love with her and you wrote her a song? And how soon you’ll be able to meet her,” commented Perry’s friend. “You were paid for a job like any other job you’ve had but your obsession with Katy has hit another level. Stop lying to yourself and find peace in your life. Move on.”

However, Kloss is not the only person accusing Perry of sexual misconduct.

According to Access Hollywood, on August 13, Russian TV Presenter Tina Kandelaki claims she had a similar interaction with the pop singer as well. Kandelaki also made an Instagram post sharing her experience. It reads, “I can...add personal impressions to this story. Once I was invited to a private party with Katy Perry, where she, being pretty tipsy, chose me as an object for the manifestations of her passion.” Kandelaki states she “managed to fight back”, but Perry “instantly found herself a new victim for “kisses, hugs, and dirty dances.”

With Perry’s fans being left in the dark about the legitimacy of these sexual misconduct allegations, they are begging the singer to respond about the situation. According to InStyle, comments under her post repeatedly ask about the allegations: “Can you once defend yourself from the allegations?” “We’re gonna need you to explain the sexual assault thing.”

Perry and her team have yet to respond.

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