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Lou Who Are You Rebounding?

Lou! What are you doing friend! What happened to “I’m a dog I love hoes!” The infamous non monogamous Lou Will has supposedly settled with one of his two girlfriends, even so that he wrote a song about her and featured her in the music video. The song “Rebound” dropped September 10th. The Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard is known off the court for his wild antics and polygomous relationship.

Now his reputation may precede him but do not get it twisted, this man has held it down in the NBA for a decade and some change. Entering the league in 2005 as the 45th draft pick by the Philadelphia 76ers. And then staying there for seven seasons before playing for the Hawks, Raptors, Lakers, Rockets, and now the Clippers. Averaging 12.8 points per game throughout his entire career and winning his sixth Man of The Year Award in 2015. Up until last year Lou Will was occupying the hearts of two young women, Rece Mitchell and Ashley Henderson. They all started dating in 2014 when he was playing for the Raptors. This relationship caught the attention of many people, including Drake. At first everybody thought it was a game, TMZ took the story as a hoax, TheShadeRoom wrote it off, E! News laughed at it, but it wasn’t until Drake featured the crazy story in his song “6 Man” when people decided to look into it. Being that Drake reigns from Toronto he was closely affiliated with the Raptors player and indeed a credible source. Once word broke that the relationship was a real thing people were all over the story. Lou gained a lot of media momentum and jumped on it. His instagram did numbers. He was always posted up with both Ashley and Rece. Known as blonde and brown to all 1 million of his instagram followers.

Up until recently, Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins interviewed Williams for the latest issue of the magazine (2018) and asked about the trio but for reasons unbenounced to us he said it is now only a duo. He is no longer rubbing elbows with Ashley Henderson, he says they’re still cool and all but he and Rece are no longer seeing her.

Rumor has it though Ashley wasn't the only one rocking the boat, Rece was rumored to have jumped ship completely! Last year rumors started circulating that after the release of Drake's 6 God Rece Mitchell was entertaining him as well!

Nonetheless getting back to today, the couple is as happy as can be! This month Lou dropped his single "Rebound" accompanied by the visual with Rece as the leading lady. The song vocalizes the story of Lou rebounding a lady from a horrible relationship “scooped shawty up like a loose rebound, broke up with her man now she liking me now.” He references the polyamorous relationship in the lyrics “She part of my collection, she checked off my checklist.” He has been oddly silent about his relationship this year, he hasn’t posted Rece or anything regarding a relationship for that matter this year. But instead has focused on his new endeavors. His instagram leads us to believe he has a lot cooking up! He has been dropping music all year and a post dating back to July 23 states he’s starting his own record label named “Winners United.” I guess he said we made his narrative “double boo’ed bucket getter” for the past three years and he is not having it anymore. That will no longer overshadow his creativity, one boo two boo’s red boo, blue boo, that is not all he is known for and is determined to go down in history for more than just that! So with that, go check out his new single “Rebound.”

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