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Nicki Minaj Ties The Knot with Long-Term Boyfriend Kenneth Petty

Rapper, Nicki Minaj, announced her marriage to her long-term boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, on Instagram.

She shared this exciting news to fans in an Instagram video of matching “Mr. And Mrs.” mugs and coordinating “Bride” and “Groom” baseball caps, said USA Today.

The couple has been dating for a year. Their relationship made headlines after Petty’s criminal history was discovered.

According to USA Today, Petty is a registered, Level 2 sex offender on New York State’s Sex Offender Registry. The registry explains that Petty was convicted of attempted first-degree rape for a 1994 assault that happened when he and the victim were 16, reported USA Today.

With his criminal history, however, that did not stop Minaj from marrying the Clyde to her Bonnie.

Now that the happy couple has completed their nuptials, they can both focus on their big wedding celebration that Minaj mentioned back in August on Queen Radio.

“I have to work on my album, and I have a lot to focus on that I didn’t want to do the big wedding now,” said Minaj in August. “We’ll do the big wedding later.”

She has not released any further details regarding the wedding. But if its anything like her marriage announcement, fans will not find out until it has already


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