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Giving Thanks

In Shirley Ceaser’s words, “I got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes.” Thanks to Jermaine Dupri, there were families able to eat just exactly that. Dupri, who is a vegan, teamed up with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a.k.a PETA, for Thanksgiving to serve meals to more than 50 Atlanta families.

The families were served stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegan turkey, mushroom gravy, Tofurky roast, and pumpkin pie. Mr.

Dupri said,"For me, there's nothing better for feeling your best and knowing you're helping the planet and animals. The holidays are about the spirit of giving and PETA and I want to give people in Atlanta a Thanksgiving meal that's healthy, humane, and delicious";

We are thankful that Dupri cares enough about families to feed them healthy meals and show love and care. Hopefully, Dupri and PETA will make this an annual thing.

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