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Syleena Johnson’s NEW “Freelance Lover” Music Video!

GRAMMY-nominated singer/songstress and R&B Diva, Syleena Johnson, recently released a music video for her song, “Freelance Lover” from her 10th album, Woman. The single matches the theme of her anticipated album-women empowerment. Singing in a harmonic tone, “You’re just a freelance lover”, Johnson tells the tale of men manipulating women and refusing to commit, hence why the song is entitled “freelance lover.” The music video presents a calm setting, showcasing Syleena Johnson with various looks as she represents different women. She harmonizes with the different versions of herself in a choral manner as she sings the truth of many women’s lives. As far as her motive for the song and the entire WOMAN album, Syleena Johnson says it is solely for a specific species: “It’s dedicated to women: based on what we have had to endure in this country and in general. How we’ve been disrespected. We’ve been disregarded, how we’ve been sexually preyed upon, how we’ve been shunned, not listened to, not taken seriously.”

You can expect that just like “Freelance Lover”, the other songs on the WOMAN album will exude feminism. This song in particular is perfect for a belt-out session with your girls. Aside from preparing for her album release and working on Sister Circle Live Talk Show, she is also preparing for her “City Winery” tour. Syleena Johnson’s album, WOMAN releases on January 31, 2020 but it is available for pre-order now! While you wait for this anticipated album, check out the music video for “Freelance Lover” by Syleena Johnson below!

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