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Love Again Has Gotten Much Love

Just when we thought the black community had cancelled Daniel Caesar, Brandy has saved the day. The Grammy-nominated artists collaborated on the single “Love Again.” The sultry song and buttery smooth harmonized vocals of the two talented artists give you a Buss Boys & Poets vibe. Brandy and Daniel Caesar lead the Adult R&B Songs airplay chart as their duet skips 3-1 on the list dated Nov. 23rd. The collaboration, released via Golden Child/Brand Nu/eOne rises with a 12% surge in plays in the week ending Nov. 17, according to Nielsen Music. Best described by EntertainmentOne, “Love Again” has a smoky beat that’s enhanced by swells of guitar and keys and was produced by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett.

Featuring Brandy’s undeniable airy vocals on cascading riffs and Daniel’s new-age soul vocals, the two lock into a heavenly and hypnotic harmony. The song is as smooth as we know Caesar can be, picking up where Freudian left off. But about 15 seconds into the song, Brandy's voice peeks in, sounding as youthful as she did on albums like 1998's Never Say Never. On the song, they share their perspectives on the shortcomings of their relationship, but find themselves looking to love again (as the song title suggests) rather than choosing to walk away. "If you don't quit acting up / Alone is where you'll end up, I promise & Brandy sings, ending with growling passion. On "LOVE AGAIN", its Brandy's show, and the three-minute song is a great reminder for anyone who had ever discounted her legacy in R&B.


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