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Dumpster Baby Turned Multi-Millionaire: Freddie Figgers’ Remarkable Story

Freddie Figgers is a 30-year old African-American inventor/software engineer/telecom company founder and philanthropist. With his many titles and accolades, learning that his story starts with him being left in a dumpster by his biological mother may come as a shock to many. On the contrary, such an unfortunate event led to Freddie Figgers’ remarkable journey becoming a child prodigy and later, a multi-millionaire.

After being abandoned near a dumpster in Quincy, Florida, Figgers was adopted by an elderly couple and raised as their own. Showing early signs of intelligence, Figgers became a tech prodigy at the age of 9, after reviving an old MacIntosh computer. This fueled his interest in software engineering and by the age of 13, he was working for the city of Quincy, and by 15, he had started his own tech company in the family living room. When his father fell to illness with Alzheimer’s, Freddie Figgers invented a tracker inside of his father’s shoe, to ensure that his whereabouts would be known at all times. That invention made him his first $2 million.

Now, Figgers is the CEO and Founder of Figgers Communications, which includes three different company sectors listed as Figgers Wireless, Figgers Health, and Figgers Foundation. Each component of this $62 million company helps improve the lives of everyday people through technology, health resources, and education. Needless to say, Freddie Figgers could definitely be the poster child for “rags to riches.”

When asked about what he wants people to take away from his story, Figgers said "Never give up. When you're in that situation, you've always got to remember that is may be darkness now, but the sun will always come out tomorrow." This amazing story just goes to show that no matter the situation, you can always prevail. For more information about Figgers Communications, visit Also, you can check out Freddie Figgers' interbiew with CBS 12 below!

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