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TV One Hosts "The Beat Don't Stop: Don't Mute My City"

Just last week, TV One hosted "The Beat Don't Stop: Don't Mute My City" during a virtual town hall. The purpose of the town hall was to highlight and emphasize Go-go music's origins and impact. The series also featured a panel of judges who essentially analyzed and discussed how Go-Go music addresses key issues for African Americans; such as gentrification and class struggles. In light of the protests against police brutality and institutionalized racism, the judges will also compare and contrast the Don"t Mute DC movement against the other protests around the country. The judges chosen include some of DC's high level political profiles including D.C. mayor; Muriel Bowser, White Houss correspondent; April Ryan, Don't Mute DC co-organizer; Ron Moten, and more. Leading the conversation, was radio personality; DJ Quicksilva who did a notable job of highlighting Go-go history and legacy. Successful Go-go artists like Chuck Brown and the Junkyard Band were notably mentioned and included in the conversation as well. Be sure to tune in and check out "The Beat Don't Stop: Don't Mute My City"!

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