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Brian McKnight Drops New Album, Exodus

Will This be Brian McKnight’s Last Album?

Despite the pandemic artists in all genres have managed to still get their music out there. One of them being well known Grammy nominated R&B artist Brian McKnight releasing his grown and sexy album Exodus, June 26th.

His soft yet strong voice along with his romantic and sensual songs create a vibe and aura of “Good Ol Fashioned Love”. He stays true to his audience of mature adults who want to fall in love all over again.

For the span of 30 years McKnight has managed to create beautiful ballads for his fans from beautiful flirty songs to ultimate wedding songs. However, this is most likely his last album he tells Entertainment Tonight. He explains that he thinks it is time to start spending more time with his wife and family. He recently married his wife back in 2017.

McKnight does tell Entertainment Tonight that he is still interested in doing shows just not as many as he has throughout his career. As for now McKnight is stopping at Album 20 to focus on himself and spend time with his wife. He will continue to create music but for now only for his well being unless he wants to release it.

Check out Brian McKnight’s last Album Exodus on all music platforms. His song “Nobody” was created into a music video showing off his marriage and wedding to his wife. Check it out below.

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