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112 Delays Album Due to Racial Injustice

R&B group 112 chose to stand in solidarity for racial injustice by postponing the release of their album.The EP “122 Forever” was supposed to be released on August 28th but instead was released on September 4th.

The delay of the album was due to August 28th being the same day as the March on Washington in D.C. geared to protesting racial injustice. The group posted on their instagram accounts saying “Our prayers are with the families of those who have yet to receive justice, and those protesting...We ask all our fans to join us in taking time to pray, act and use their voice and platform, so we can provide a better future for our children and for us.”

Group members Slim and Mike noticed that there was a need for change and that it should start within their music. Before the brutal shooting of Jacob Blake the group sent out a variety of messages sharing how they felt about the injustice Black people go through everyday.

Their music is how they want to continue to contribute to the change that is needed in America and other racial issues. Within the album you will find the soul of 112 and their reflection of love.

112’s EP “112 Forever” is out now and available on all platforms.

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