2020 Nail Polish Trends

Some of our summer plans might be on hold, but don’t cancel the best time of the year yet. With bold and bright nails you can have a great summer. The most popular nail colors range from neon, vibrant, subtle. Scrolling through nail art can help you get inspiration for these colors. When it comes to color trends Divah Filez has you covered. If you rather paint your nails at home you here are some easy DIY ideas that you’ll love.

There are different styles when it comes to nail polish but the ones that are currently in style are head turners. Here are the top 10 nail polish trends of 2020. Staying in style when it comes to trends are very key. It's great choosing the color you commit to for these quarantine days. This year was big on natural colors, reds, classic French manicures with super bright neon colors perfect for the summer.

1. Rainbow French: This Style will give you a cooler French manicure look. It's a vibrant color that gives you a different color tip on each fingernail.

2. “French” Manicure: A different Approach in nail designs, this is a creative nail art inspiration. These are gilded tips that read many different French words such as oui?, non, amour, beau. This style can be achieved with other words and meaning.

3. Sea Glass Nails: A creative yet comfortable style that has a matte top coat that will make you feel brand new. Any nail color polish will complete the look.

4. Cotton Candy: this fun but cute nail color, known as cotton candy. Modern colors but makes a cute nail pop color. This is a moody color.

5. Natural sheer color: Neutral season is always in style! Neutral colors work any and every occasion. If you're trying to keep it simple but professional this is the best approach. This color as expected is really big in 2020.

6. Fresh white color: this color is very shining especially with a dark skin tone. White nails are very common this year, with a rhinestone or design it can be even better.

7. Reds: you can never go wrong, with a classic cherry red it looks good in all shapes and lengths. Whether it's a long or chic shorter nail.

8. Pastels: the 90s trend is back, with pastel colors. This style has made its way back its bright and poppy pastels that makes this to die for. Multicolored is the way to go for a fun festive look.

9. Dark Blue: this dark color is great to make your nails pop out. It's a deep blue texture reminiscent of ocean water. This is a perfect color for the holidays.

10. Bubble Gum Pink: this color is a cute flirtatious pink, is a bright poppy color. It's very great if you're going for a vibrant look.

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