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DIY Masks at Home

The Coronavirus is increasing by the day at a rapid pace. This is leaving many of us still in the house or having us all go outside with masks on our face. The mask is a form of protection during the Coronavirus that will protect your nose and your mouth from germs that come from outside people. The mask that works efficiently is the Surgical mask because it filters out particles in the air. The surgical masks that are out on the market right now are safe for you, but they are not stylish at all. There are many ways that you can make your own mask that are safe and stylish at the same time.

When you think of making your own mask you may think you have to do a lot of sewing. This is not the case at all. There are many different ways that you can DIY a mask that is safe for you. Today, I have found 5 different mask styles that you can easily put together at home. It might take some glue and hand sewing but in the end it will all be fashionable.

1. The Bandana Style: This style is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is get any color or type of Bandana and tie it around your face and you have an easy mask that is safe for you to wear outside.

2. Mask with Cut Out Ears: These kinds of masks are just as easy to make than the previous one. With this mask, all you have to do is get good and sustainable fabric. Next you want to cut a large enough oval that will fit from one side of the ear to the other side. After this step, you want to cut holes where your ears are so that the mask can hold up on your face. Then, you are all set.

3. The Glued Style: This glued mask style is a common DIY that many people are doing. The first step is to grab a piece of fabric, then glue the ends/sides of the fabric leaving the middle open. With another piece of fabric you glue and connect the two fabrics and add a piece of filter in the middle slot. Next you get string and glue to the slides of the fabric to hook onto your ears when wearing your new DIY mask.

4. DIY Mask with T-Shirt: If you do not have any fabric laying around, you can use a t-shirt for the ultimate DIY mask. All you have to do is cut an oval of desired size. You then want to cut out longer and skinnier pieces that will be used for the strings to hook onto your ears. From the bigger piece that you cut out at first, You should cut three little holes. After this step, you want to string your strings through these holes and then tie them to complete.

5. Silk Scarf Mask: The silk scarf style method is easy like the bandana style. All you have to do is cover your mouth and nose and tie it and your ready to go.

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