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5 Effective Tips for Finding Your Personal Style

Many of us have been experiencing the hassle of figuring out our individual styles and testing out our true inner- aesthetic for years, and as we know it can be a difficult task. You may find it frustrating to identify your signature look or even figure out how to mix all the many different styles you like into your wardrobe. We can be inspired by various forms of dressing, and who says we have to stick to one? All the while, the first thing to remember is that your confidence and inner comfortability make the outfit and your clothing simply adds to you! You want to ensure that you are embracing the pleasure it is to freely express yourself no matter what you wear and knowing no one can be you, like you.

Now, let’s learn some tips on how to find your personal style and begin serving looks unapologetically!

1. Identify Your Aesthetic/ Aesthetics

The best thing about fashion is that it has no limits and can be adjusted to your mood, the occasion, or simply based on your inspirations. If you believe that you don’t have a set standard everyday style, then you can begin by buying articles of clothing that you find appealing and will compliment your figure. Once you get a feel of those items, ask yourself if that is a look you want to grow into as your go-to attire or just one of your favored options? Being that there are so many articles of clothing that bring out different sides to us that we enjoy, it can get overwhelming with focusing solely on perfecting one style at a time.

If you prefer wearing blouses, dresses, sandals, and heels, but also sneakers, t-shirts, and baggy jeans then you should focus on building your closet with each category at a time. This will reduce the chaos of testing things all at once and also allow patience in learning what you truly like. There is nothing wrong with a little inspiration, so browsing on websites such as Pinterest and Instagram can give you glimpses of how to put outfits together if you have trouble with styling yourself.

2. Learn Your Vision For Fashion

Once you have identified your aesthetic and desired go-to look, figure out what you want your clothing to say about you! We all can purchase bulks of clothing and swipe our cards for every item we love, but sometimes we get home and are still stuck in a frenzy because we are clueless about what to put on and where to. Remember, your personal style is your statement to the world, and being intentional when you plan your outfits can be a huge help. Pre-planning how you want to show up can allow you to land your signature look for separate occasions. As you shop, envision certain outfits for specific events so it saves you time in the future. For instance, you can group your neutral and lighter-toned items with brunch/lunch dates or outdoor events, or your fashionable oversized t-shirt, sweats, and sneakers with simple activities such as mall runs and your hottest dresses and tops where your spouse or everyone is going to see you show up and show out!

In addition, you can pair whatever articles of clothing with any events that you prefer because that is the beauty of expressing yourself freely in your own way. If you want to wear streetwear attire and a dad hat on a fun date, that is your earned choice, and show up simply as yourself.

3. Authenticity and Uniqueness Is Key

Although it is easy to mimic the styles of everyone else around us who we feel has a great sense of style or is a fashion icon, you want to be authentically true to yourself. It is quite difficult to find your taste if you are only sticking to the safe side of what works for someone else. While it is sometimes necessary to use other people’s outfits as guides to complete a vision for what we have in our closet, you don’t want to base your entire style on the next person.

For instance, you can have fashion influences that you look up to and favor and dress accordingly to that aesthetic because it suits you best. However, only follow trends that you truly feel comfortable with and not because you know it is ideal in society. If you want to try bold and unique articles of clothing or dress in items that are typically not common, follow that desire and try it! Jhu You set the tone for how you want to present yourself, and the only opinion that matters is yours. Oftentimes, based on our body types, society norms or judgment of what we feel others may critique us on, we stay in a comfort zone and do not get creative with our own style.

Confidence is the key to fashion and remember that you wear the clothes, do not allow the clothes to wear you!

4.Trial and Error | Test Your Options

It can be exceptionally uncomfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone and going out into the world in new attire. Different is always scary, but different is good. You never know what clothing will make you look and feel good if you stick to the same routine and basics out of fear. The best way to overcome the fear of wearing new items is to put your outfits together to your best ability and wear them with confidence and no expectations. Try not to overthink if people favor your new looks and embrace the idea of trial and error, and if you believe that you look or feel good in an outfit, try more that is similar! Keep in mind that learning your style comes with patience and you won’t truly know what zones you should stick to if you don’t test the waters and be risky.

An additional tip is to take more pictures of yourself in the mirror and model your clothing in your own space as it will give you a boost in your confidence and familiarity. This will also help you love each version of you in your separate styles and encourage you to see what else you can create!

5. Accessorize and Exaggerate your Looks

Details and accessories are your clothing’s best friends.

Anything can appear fashionable when you add a splash of color or bring out minor details to compliment the main article of clothing. Mastering this specific tip will for certain enhance your looks and take a plain outfit to the next level.

Bags, hats, shoes, jewelry, belts, and even make-up can bring the vision for a look that was intentionally simplistic to life. These objects are not always needed, however, if you are in a hurry or don’t want to quite overdo your outfit one particular day, grabbing a bag that matches your shoes or a small detail in your top can change the whole feel of your outfit. Or throwing on a hat can make a t-shirt and shorts look like a fashion blog-worthy look.

Accessorizing your clothing should be one of the most fun parts of styling yourself and again, if you need inspiration, look online or revisit how the model online wore the item or ask a friend for suggestions of what could bring your outfit to life.

If you reflect on these tips and begin to glamorize your wardrobe, you will be runway ready and your life is your fashion show! Remember to be patient, be bold, dress for yourself, and always know that no one can be you like you!


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