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ABCs of Fashion

Fashion is a concept as old as time that has too many components to decipher. It is meant to display the appreciation for a certain aesthetic expression at any given time. It is a form of art that can appeal to all five senses... yes food can be included in fashion too! The concept itself is based on more than just facts, it's based on feelings, emotions, research, history and so much more.

With a broad topic such as fashion, it is almost necessary to break the main concept into smaller concepts. Being the Fashion Gawdz that we are, we are breaking every fashion theme down into the Fashion ABCs just for you.

A is for A-Line Skirt: A-Line skirts are skirts that are fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem to create a triangle or A shape.

B is for Boots: Boots are a diverse piece of footwear that can come at ankle length, thigh high, heeled, flat the possibilities are pretty much endless.

C is for Camoflauge: Camouflage is a pattern that has irregular shaped spots, usually in the colors brown or green, originating and typically seen in military wear.

D is for Daisy Dukes: Daisy Dukes are really short tight-fitting denim shorts, usually made from cut off jeans, originating from the 1950s.


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