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Fresh Prince of Streaming

Almost 30 years after the original hit show Fresh Prince of Bel Air, there’s a new “Will Smith” who is making appearances on our TVs. Bel-Air, the reboot of Will Smith’s 1990s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has broken streaming records on its home platform, Peacock with a whole new cast and a new set of swag. Jabari Banks, who was hand picked by Will Smith to star in the show, plays the main character of the show, alongside CoCo Jones, Adrian Holmes, Michael Ealy, Olly Sholotan and many others. The reboot has a similar storyline to the original show, but with a new level of edginess and rawness that makes it relatable to people in today’s age. Some were hesitant about watching the new show, but quickly fell in love with the characters and the rollercoaster of emotions that were experienced in each and every episode.

Many were concerned that there wouldn’t be season 2 of Bel-Air, after the televised slap incident from Will Smith during the 2022 Grammys, but luckily the show has been confirmed for another season. To add on the exciting announcement of another season, it was also mentioned that Anthony Sparks, the former show runner for Queen Sugar will be joining the team as well, so we can expect the show to be even better. No official dates have been released for season 2, but we are hopeful that it will be in early 2023.


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