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H.E.R announces debut album, Back of My Mind

On June 27, 1997, H.E.R. (Gabriella Wilson) was born. She was raised in Vallejo, California, where she quickly garnered a passion for music. Gabriella was inspired by her father, Kenny Wilson, who was a part of a band named Urban Bushmen. She immediately set her sights on music and the entertainment industry. At just nine years of age, little Gabriella Wilson had the audience at the Apollo Theatre in New York City speechless and in awe. She continued her journey in the music industry and found herself performing on big stages (‘The View,’ ‘Today Show,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ and ‘The Maury Povich Show’). Then at only twelve years old, she was voted Radio Disney’s ‘Next Big Thing.’ Just two years later, she signed her first contract with Sony Entertainment and released the song ‘Something to Prove.’ Over the years, Gabriella faced some personal struggles with media attention, relationships, among other things. These challenges forced her to delve deeper into her music and create “H.E.R.,” which stands for Having Everything Revealed. H.E.R. decided that she did not want to put a face or a persona on her music and wanted it to speak for itself. So she created “H.E.R.” as a way for anyone and everyone to resonate with H.E.R. (that girl or everyday person) instead of a big name or persona. After H.E.R. took time to grow and prosper as an artist, she has had 15 Grammy nominations, 4 Grammy wins, signed to the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Records, 7 gold songs, and 5 platinum songs, and recently won an Oscar. She continues to ascend and surprise everyone with all of her talents and tricks.

Recently, on April 23, 2021, H.E.R. teased about her new album release on Twitter. The highly anticipated debut album, Back of My Mind, is expected for this summer. H.E.R. has been spotted working with producers like Bryan-Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin, among others for this album. This long-awaited album from H.E.R. is sure to be amazing, with one of the songs off the album being “Come Through” featuring Chris Brown. H.E.R. has been perfecting her craft for quite some time now, so it should come as no surprise that all of her hard work since nine years old is finally paying off. Be sure to check out H.E.R.’s debut album, Back of My Mind, when it drops this summer 2021.

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