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how to create a minimalistic wardrobe

A minimalistic inspired wardrobe is simple, modern, sleek, and consists of pieces that will always be of use in your closet. This type of closet is not tons of clothes piled up on hangers on top of each other. Instead, it is rather organized, clean, and simplistic. The most important part of a minimalistic wardrobe is your foundation. What makes up a minimalist wardrobe is your second skin, which is a piece or garment you always find yourself reaching for it can even consist of a color! Classic, simple silhouettes like black, can be styled for multiple occasions. Black is always a color that I personally feel confident in! Minimalism is always about utility and function so when cleaning out your closet something you automatically gravitate towards when getting ready to go out is your second skin in which you style the same garments in new ways.

Another key aspect of a minimalistic wardrobe is quality over quantity. Places like ZARA, ANTHROPOLOGIE, and URBANOUTFITTERS are a little more on the pricey side, but you are paying for the quality of the clothes, garments you can get multiple washes out of without extra threads coming off and or fading garments. Another tip when building your minimalistic wardrobe is creating a capsule wardrobe. Meaning, 10-20 neutral garments that all create a nice/sleek outfit. For example, in a color aspect earthy tones, olive greens, dark browns, and/ or beige tones all go together. In a garment aspect, basic tee shirts, crew necks, every-day denim, neutral trousers, leather pants, black blazers, loafers, neutral every-day bag, simple heels, and neutral button ups are pieces that never fail to be dressed up or down!

Minimalistic wardrobes make getting dressed each day easier. Now the issue of having nothing to wear becomes less of a problem, because you should now be able to mix and match all of your pieces to create a cohesive fit. Using these simple tips you will be able to create a minimalistic wardrobe in no time.


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