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How To style items that are not your style

Looking more fashionable is not just about wearing the latest trends, fashion is whatever you want it to be. Many people fail to understand the true meaning of fashion. We all must wear clothes it’s a part of nature and believe it or not every piece of clothing that we choose to spend money on represents a personal choice. So, what exactly is fashion and why is it so important? Fashion is all about expressing your identity through clothes and how you dress; it’s an art. It could be as simple as adding a pair of sunglasses to your look or even layering a basic fit you already had on. Styling items that are not your style sounds impossible but I’m here to tell you it really isn’t. I have listed 8 tips on how you could switch it up a bit!

  1. Define your style, the first and most pertinent task, if you have absolutely no idea where to start. I suggest making a list of clothing that you like and dislike, things you would never see yourself wearing. From that specific “dislike” list write down the pieces that you would consider wearing and then alter them to your preference.

  2. Do not be afraid to mix textures. You could try going bold with your choices or keep it subtle depending on the specific look you’re aiming for. It can be knit, suede or even snakeskin or leather, just make sure you have fun with whatever you decide. Confidence is happiness.

  3. Get Fresh perspectives! Two heads are better than one, right? Ask family members for their advice and try being open-minded!

  4. Have fun with your colors! If your personality is a little all over the place like mine, try combining neutrals, pastels, or even neon colors to coordinate and make your outfit stand out!

  5. Try a monochromatic color scheme. Pick a color and stick with it! This is the easiest and fastest way to achieve a put-together look that is trendy.

  6. Start layering! Fashion is about being creative and making a statement, the more layers you create the more an outfit comes to life. This look is one of the easiest to accomplish; you could start off with a cute dress, with tights, or a mesh crop top with a pair of heels and add on a coat!

  7. Try playing with proportions! Another way of looking fashionable and trendy is all about proportions and contrast. Try pairing big and smalls together such as a small crop top or bra top with an oversized bulky jacket and loose jeans to compliment the look. You could also mess around with the small textures, loose or tight silhouettes, or different materials.

  8. Try a Matching set! Trying new outfits is always fun especially trying matching sets, they instantly give and always look fashionable and sophisticated.


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