JJ Hairston Drops 11th Studio Album, “Not Holding Back”

Grammy nominated, singer and songwriter, JJ Hairston has just dropped his 11th studio album, “Not Holding Back” this past New Years’ Day! Hairston hosted a virtual release concert on Jan. 5, where he performed and had special guests: David Wilford, Juanita Contee & more. A theme behind the meaning of the album is “Becoming”, because as humans we are constantly becoming something in our different stages of life; Hairston explains. In an Instagram caption on Dec. 24, Hairston says “In this season, I realized how much God means to me and that’s EVERYTHING. #NotHoldingBack released so many things for me and I can’t wait to share this with you! 01.01.21'' This album is for my listeners who need encouragement during these trying times, who may be going through anything at all, or who simply enjoy great Gospel music! The album is 12 tracks and has features from Kierra Sheard, Phillip Bryant & Pocket Of Hope, Capria McClearn, Tamela Hairston, David Wilford, and more! It’s hit singles are “You Are Lord of All ft. Phillip Bryant & Pocket Of Hope”, which has a “Go-Go” beat as an ode to Washington D.C., and “You’re Gonna Live ft. David Wilford”.

The video for “You’re Gonna Live” premiered on Jan. 29, and has 87 thousand views! It depicts multiple live scenes; the main one with David Wilford leading the song; standing with JJ Hairston and multiple choir members who are spread across a stage in an empty auditorium, there’s a live band actively playing the entire time, eventually everyone breaks out into their own praise dances, and it’s really great energy. It’s definitely not a video you want to miss! Make sure you check out “Not Holding Back” by JJ Hairston!