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Lance Gross Is Getting Backlash Over His Post About His Son’s Skin Complexion

Lance Gross & Lennon Lorin Gross

Just a month ago, Actor and Photographer Lance Gross and his stylist wife Rebecca welcomed their son, Lennon Lorin Gross. Gross is now facing backlash on Instagram after he posted a picture of his newborn son, with a caption that later sparked controversy.

“Black men really hate dark skin black women but use their privilege to play victim when they are called out on colorism.”

“I guess it’s only cool that black men are darkskin and not black women cuz you wasn’t hoping for color to come in for your babygirl! Man hush up and act.”

Lance also had fans defending him.

“Such hate, bitterness, and straight up ignorance in the comments. Ridiculous and actually sad.”

The father of two addressed the backlash by releasing a statement in a lengthy message. He also added that he doesn’t want to dwell on the topic for much longer because he believes its grip on black communities is getting tighter and tighter.

Lance Gross Christmans Collage

“Colorism exists, yes but yall not about to just label every dark skin Black man who is in a relationship with someone lighter complexion under that bus. I choose love, not skin tone.”

Gross also faced backlash back in 2016 when he and a group of friends posed for a picture. Many people commented on how all of the light skinned women were posed with men while the dark skinned woman was seen by herself. Gross commented and said, “we’ve been doing the same joke for years”, as well as showing evidence in pictures every year.

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