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leBillionaire: lebron james is announced as the first active nba player to become a billionaire

Superstar NBA player Lebron James has just reached Billionaire status and believe it or not, it isn’t just because of his insanely successful basketball career. James is the first active NBA player to achieve Billionaire status and the second NBA player to ever be announced as a billionaire, after one of his idols, Michael Jordan.

Many of us know Lebron James as The Chosen One, or King James from his long standing basketball career, but Lebron is kept busy and making money both on and off the court. He is one of the star players of the Los Angeles Lakers, where he has a $121 million contract, making him the NBA’s highest playing player. Prior to his time with the Lakers, James has also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. From his time in the NBA, he has earned around $387 million from his NBA contracts alone. When he’s off the court, he’s earning money from the properties he owns, his investments in Fenway Sports, and his outside ventures and endorsements. His non-basketball money is LeBron’s claim to billionaire status, which accounts for around $900 million of his fortune.

Even though James didn’t lead the Lakers to the 2022 NBA Finals like millions of fans had hoped, the new billionaire may not be all that bothered, especially when there’s talk about him getting a 97 million dollar extension from the Lakers for two more years.


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