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Mcdonalds Celebrate Black Excellence with Guest Host, Keke Palmer

Earlier this year, one of the world’s most famous fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s, launched a program called “Future 22”. Future 22 came about in February, when McDonald’s picked 22 amazing black individuals who show up and show out for their communities. Outside of community work, each individual of this program is very talented. In fact, Kevin Brooks, who is a part of Future 22 helped direct the commercial that announced this program!

“It’s so special to direct this commercial that celebrates young Black leaders who are creating the change they want to see, as a kid, I dreamed of creating impactful and purposeful work, and to be recognized as a game changer by McDonald’s, while directing the spot, is an opportunity of a lifetime and a big deal. For me, it’s Black history.” said Brooks according to

On July 1st, 2022, Heather Woodard was the MC of a Luncheon that took place at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, Louisiana in the heart of Essance Festival weekend.

The luncheon was an amazing time, as the 22 game changers were able to meet and celebrate their accomplishments. They were all nonetheless amazing and graceful. The impact they have made in their communities all across the United States has people wanting to know “What’s Next?” because they know it will only get better from here. At this time in age, a lot of people are waiting to get helped rather than being the ones to help and these leaders are helping to shape a future that can change that.

The voice of the campaign, actress, singer, song writer, Keke Palmer was also there to celebrate the excellence of the 22 game changers. Ms. Palmer, who was dressed in a vibrant orange jumpsuit, shared how proud she was of the individuals, and also shared her background story on how she began to get into the industry which some may say was inspiring.

At the end of the Luncheon, Ms. Woodard announced that McDonalds has signed a $220,000 check for the 22 game chargers to go home with. Each leader went home with $10,000 as a thank you for being resilient, brave and passionate about making a difference for the better. The money was also given to help the leaders continue shaping their communities for the better.


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