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Run that check up! Young people run that check up!

FINALLY! College athletes are now able to profit off their name, image and likeness. The NCAA’s long-standing constraints on athlete pay collapsed this year amid political movements against the association’s obsolete amateurism model. The decision comes after years of debate, a US Supreme Court opinion and new laws going into effect in several states around the country.

Some athletes started to cash in not long after the news broke. Florida State QB McKenzie Milton and Miami QB signed on as co-founders of Dreamfield CO, a business built to help athletes pursue speaking events, public appearances and other opportunities. Marshall offensive lineman Will Ulmer will no longer have to use the alias “Lucky Bill” or pass up money when he plays live country music in venues near the Thundering Herd’s campus. Hercy Miller, son of Master P, signed a $ 2 million endorsement deal with technology company Web Apps America. Five members of JSU football team; Aubrey Miller, Cj Holmes, Tony Gray, Antwan Ownes and Warren Newman III signed a deal with 3 Kings Grooming products.

With players now being able to run that check up, many have called for athletes who may have had titles and other accolades stripped from them returned. Brittany Collens (tennis) had her entire career erased by the NCAA because of an accounting error. Jeremy Bloom, a former Colorado WR, was a member of the US National Ski Team and was able to get endorsements from his skiing career. He challenged the NCAA to keep his football eligibility and continue to make money as a skier, but the NCAA declared him permanently ineligible in 2006. Reggie Bush, former USC running back, was forced to return his Heisman when the NCAA ruled he received impermissible benefits while with the Trojans. During his time at USC, he said he struggled to pay for food and bills. He has been fighting tirelessly to have his Heisman returned to him. The Fab Five, the starting 5 at Michigan in the 90s, had their era erased by the NCAA after a federal investigation revealed $616,000 was paid to Chris Webber and three other Wolverine stars. The Fab Five are arguably one of the most dominant teams in NCAA history. AJ Green, former Georgia receiver, was suspended for the first four games of the 2010-2011 season after he sold his jersey from the 2009 Independence Bowl. James Wiseman was suspended for 12 games after receiving 11,500 in moving expenses from HS coach Penny Hardaway in 2017. The NCAA considered Penny a booster for Memphis. Wiseman left Mephis altogether after the suspension ended.

The suspensions players received, the NCAA will not able to return but those who had their respective careers erased should be reinstated.

It's very similar to states legalizing marijuana but not releasing those who are incarcerated for drug-related offenses.


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