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Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show: Everything You Need To Know

This year's Super Bowl halftime show was performed by pop star The Weeknd. Surprisingly, his entire performance didn’t include the mask he has been wearing for a few months now. Overall his performance was outstanding but some people think otherwise.

Apparently, he spent $7 million of his own coins so that he can have the performance he imagined. Fans took to Twitter and expressed that he should’ve kept that in his pocket. Other fans thought that he tried to mimic a Michael Jackson performance. the dancers of the performance were being mocked on Twitter for apparently looking like a “probate”.

He began his performance in a red like room that’s full of mirrors. The first 10 seconds has now become a meme on the internet ! His performance was good but not what his fans were expecting especially compared to the other performances in the past such as J-Lo and Shakira and Beyoncé’s. As we all know people have their own way of expressing themselves in their music and this was just The Weeknd’s way.

We are grateful however that he took the bandages off and confirmed that the plastic surgery face he posted was all a hoax. A lot of people were also irritated with the fact that he had his face so close to the camera that it looked like he was jumping out of their tv screen and that was not amusing to them. While there are negative remarks, there are also some positive ones. According to, The Weeknd streams went up 41% after his performance and it hasn’t even been a week yet.

“Streams of The Weeknd’s songs surged 41% in the U.S. following the star’s Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 7, according to initial reports to MRC Data.

His collected songs across his entire catalog generated 48.9 million on-demand streams (audio and video) on Feb. 7-8 – up 42% compared to the 34.5 million they tallied on Feb. 5-6.

His most-streamed song on Feb. 7-8 was his long-running Billboard Hot 100 hit “Blinding Lights” (6.54 million; up 42%), which also served as his halftime-closer.” Many stars are often noticed a little bit more after an amazing performance.

The crowd went crazy when he finished, so it’s safe to say he did an awesome job and should have enjoyed every moment of this. The Grammy winning singer has more performances up his sleeve.


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