Tauren Wells Releases Sunday A.M. Version Of “Famous For (I Believe)” Featuring Jekalyn Carr

Tauren Wells was born April 7, 1986, and is a native of Battle Creek, Michigan. His supportive parents raised him alongside his younger sister Jaycee Bowers. When his father was searching for his faith, he told Wells to start going to Sunday School. So Wells began going to Church camps and singing in the choir, and he eventually started singing solos at just 10 years old. When he was 16, his youth Pastor/Uncle wanted him to begin leading Worship, but his youth Pastor/Uncle told him he needed to play an instrument to lead Worship. Tauren Wells tried to play the keys but couldn’t learn the songs fast enough, so he started writing his own songs. Wells believes being involved in student ministry, and leading Worship is where he found his love for music and the creative process.

That also led to him attending Indiana Bible College, where he co-founded the faith-based dance-pop band Royal Tailor in 2011 with fellow classmates DJ Cox, Jeremy Guzman, and Blake Hubbard (Jarrod Ingram was added to the group a little after). The band released 2 albums and one EP, received 2 Grammy nominations and a Dove New Artist of the Year award between 2011 and 2013. Tauren Wells then decided to focus on his solo career and in 2016 landed a deal with Sony CCM imprint Provident Label Group. That is where he released his first single, "Love Is Action," and his EP Undefeated. After receiving all of this success early on in life, he still continues to thrive in the industry, he just released his Sunday A.M. version of “Famous For (I Believe)” featuring Grammy Nominee Jekalyn Carr.

The song is 4 minutes and 39 seconds of pure soul. Award-winning producer Donald Lawrence exquisitely altered this beautiful track with an uplifting and empowering array of instruments, including chords, drums, and more. The breathtaking vocals of Tauren Wells on this optimistic track are enough to brighten anyone’s day, but the addition of Jekalyn Carr takes the song to another level. Her rich and powerful tones slice right through the bass and compliment Tauren Wells’ vibrant and breathy vocals. Some impactful lyrics include “There is no fear ‘cause I believe, There is no doubt ‘cause I have seen, Your faithfulness, my fortress, over and over, I have a hope found in your name, I have a strength found in your grace, Walk me through the fire, Shut the mouths of lions, Bring dry bones to life, Do what you are famous for, what You are famous for, Release your love inside of me, Unleash your power for all to see, Your name is powerful, Your word’s unstoppable, All things are possible in you.”

This song is beyond compare and indeed something we all need to hear, especially during these challenging times of uncertainty.

Tauren Wells continues to propel forward and only makes strides in his career. As he carries on with his ascent to the top, he is undoubtedly a special one to watch. This single and all of his past albums and EPs are available on all musical platforms now.

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