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The Magic Streak of the Steelers

As fans sit back and watch football virtually up close or just at home on their couch, some can’t help but to get over excited about the Pittsburgh Steelers winning streak this weekend. It is almost hard to believe, although it has been done before but it’s not too often. CBS Sports said “Regardless of how they've won, the fact is that the 2020 Steelers have yet to suffer the taste of defeat. Through eight games, the Steelers for the first time in franchise history remain undefeated. Pittsburgh is now the 28th team to win at least its first eight games during the Super Bowl era. Fifteen of those teams have reached the Super Bowl, with seven teams hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. “

If the Steelers do lose a game, it’s said to say their fans will be a tad heartbroken. Hard work and determination is exactly what this team has put in to achieve such greatness. It’s not every year you get a 8 inning streak, some teams can’t even make it to 3 straight. As of right now Steelers fans are very excited and eager to see if their team will be in the super bowl after they’ve had a great season.

“They've had one blowout, one other double-digit win and several other games that weren't decided until the game's final minutes. They've had to hold off late rallies by the opposition on a few occasions, and, as was the case on Sunday, to depend on their own rally to leave the stadium with a win. “

It’s safe to say the Steelers have been doing the thing !! They go on the field and give their all, and this season has proved it and in the process, made history. While the team made history so

did the coach, Mike Tomlin.

According to Elias Sports, Tomlin has achieved 14 straight non losing seasons. Maybe he’s the lucky charm for the Steelers that everyone has been wondering about ? The world may never know, but what we do know is football season is not over and the Steelers have more games to play!

Fans are waiting to see which team will break their winning streak and in the future, break their record! This has been a great season so far, knowing there’s more in stock keeps the fans ready and excited for every game played because we all know things can change in an instant. Any team can beat the Steelers and start a streak of their own till the Super Bowl but the anticipation keeps the excitement rolling


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