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Top 10 Hottest Fashion Sites: Bad and Budgeting edition

As we know, high fashion and designer has always and will always be in. However, society has navigated to shopping on lower-priced China distributed clothing websites over the last five years, and it’s become one of the best things that could have happened in the fashion world.

Who doesn’t love quality clothing for an exceptionally low price? There are millions of women and men around the world who have swarmed their wardrobes and rebranded themselves through these incredible websites.

After reading this article, you will be an expert on how to pick the latest gear on a budget! We’re going to discuss tips on finding the perfect pieces for you, how to navigate through the sites and secret gems on how to find coupon codes, getting more for less, and bonus business opportunities.


Shein is now the number one online retail store, specializing in selling affordable and exquisite- trendy clothing for women, men, and children. This company was established in 2008 and is based in Nanjing, China. Shein is dominating in the world of fashion as they deliver millions of orders weekly nationwide, providing unbeatable sales and nonstop deals to their consumers. They offer expedited shipping, reliable packaging and all-around never disappoints.

There is no style or look that cannot be fulfilled through this site, and is the perfect place to revamp your personal style and make statements on the daily! Did I mention incomparable prices? From accessories, swimwear, vintage pieces and to die for shoes and handbags bags – you can never go wrong shopping with Shein.

ROMWE is another unforgettable treasure that has played a major role in changing the fashion game as they have provided exclusive, unique, and inexpensive clothing for the last few years. This online store is also based in China and ships worldwide.

To our advantage, they contain many duplicated articles of clothing from the Shein site in addition to their own items, which guarantees us a chance to purchase something we desperately need in case one site sells out of a particular item. Their sales are typically always immaculate and allows you to purchase up to 10-15 items possibly right at or under 100 dollars! You can’t beat that.

Their shipping is fast and accurate and rarely gives any hassle in their delivery processes.

A few pros to shopping with ROMWE are that you are automatically credited points for your next purchase every time you confirm an order, which will reward you with a great coupon deal or a huge portion off of your next order. The coupons can range from 10- 60% percent off, which almost covers majority of your entire order – It doesn’t get any better than that!

Now if you’re looking to spice up your closet with lively, chic -vacation pieces, Pretty Little Thing is definitely the place for you! This company launched in 2012 and has earned huge successes, distributing internationally across the US, UK, and the Middle East. Their merchandise is fairly affordable and they have certain articles of clothing that are pricier than others, but is worth it due to its top-of-the-line quality! Their material quality, customer service, and beautiful catalogs are definitely the reason they are remaining as one of the top retail online stores. They also always offer irresistible sales and student discounts for their customers!

It’s time to step it up and step out with this luxurious store that gives us elegance, sophistication, and class. Missguided is known to deliver top-notch looks for your most special occasions and has tons of choices to seek through. From work attire, business casual, and the perfect pics for your date night / special event, if you name it, Missguided has got it! Their catalogs are typically assorted by colors and everything on the site is easy to surf. This is the place that caters to expanding your mature yet fun and edgy style!

Over the last two years, online stores have dominated the retail industry, and this is one that’s done us some justice. Jurllyshe keeps us updated with the latest trends such as hot two-piece sets, cozy yet stylish biker, and lounge co-ords and focuses on making comfort look like luxury. This site also hooks us up with not only the best fashion pieces that we see on our favorite celebrities but provides wigs and bundles for us to complete the look. Figures such as Jayda Cheaves, Ari Fletcher and Reginae Carter, and many more have been spotted in Jurllyshe items and promoted their gear, gaining them a lot of traffic through Instagram and Pinterest during the pandemic. Get slayed head to toe on a budget with quality hair and clothing this summer and fall with Jurllyshe!

Lovely Wholesale is the sanctuary for Plus-Sized women, specializing in fashionable matching sets, original dresses, and wholesale merchandise for beautiful, plump, and bossy ladies. It is a China-based web store that has been established since 2005. Although there have been tons of retail stores that offer special sections for plus-sized women, this is a safe haven for women to be uplifted, confident, and singled out for all the right reasons! Lovely Wholesale redefines style and fashion for larger women, which can be difficult for plus-sized women to find high-quality, trendy outfits that are designed to complement every curve, unapologetically.

Need unique swimwear for your girls trip? Summer getaway? Zaful has you covered with unlimited swimsuit lines and modish apparel. From bandeau-styled sets, halter tops, printed, and tankini swimsuits, you can shop the latest vacation looks and make fashion statements on your getaways! Zaful is promising of distributing valuable crafted swimwear, along with ongoing sales including flash sales that retails suits as low as $5.00! This company launched in 2013 and has already become one of the largest mainstream beachwear online stores, shipping globally.

Did someone say black-owned? We love to see it! Rawpwrr is definitely an honorable mention as we are always lucky to be gifted with raw, creative, and substantial fashion that allows us to represent who we are. Rawpwrr is a lovely black-owned apparel line that specializes in handcrafted articles of clothing for both women and men, featuring trendy denim merch, elegant dress wear, and custom black culture slogan paraphernalia. The CEO is named Daija Bastian, a phenomenal 23yr old young woman from Miami, Fl. Daija had the vision to be set apart from creating ordinary and common apparel, but personally produced attire for edgy, bold, and daring young black individuals who represent resilience and flair. Her most popular edition is her latest Juneteenth graphic-tee line, which was sold across the US satisfying hundreds of people for the holiday. Check out her catalog and shop Rawpwrr!


Do you like to make head-turning appearances in flashy co-ord lounge sets, paired with sneakers or heels? Do you love to bring out the chill but daring side of yourself with printed tees and oversized gear? Boohoo has got looks for you! This company rules as one of the most undefeated retail stores that provide affordable and unique clothing at irresistibly low prices. Boohoo carries your favorite brands and unseen merch with vibrant colored, edgy matching sets and magazine-worthy pieces. If you are looking to bring your wardrobe to life and give your style more pizzazz, you are at the right place! The most exciting feature about this particular site is that you are enabled to apply multiple discount codes in one purchase, along with 50% -80% off your entire order sales. Where else can you get a combined deal like that? Head over to Boohoo to treat your closets!

Last, but certainly not least the lifesaver we’ve always dreamed of, Fashionova. This retail company has definitely understood the assignment when it comes to delivering fast service, to die for apparel, and most importantly jeans that fit us like no other. As we know, finding jeans that complement our shapes while still being appealing can be the hardest task in the world. However, Fashionova heard our cries and executed them properly. The company has been established since 2006 , however, did not blow up until 2016 when they added their “curve collection” for plus-sized women. As CEO Richard Saghian birthed their first facility in a Los Angeles mall, they earned a ton of attention through the media and now have approximately more than 600 staff and is serving as the number one online retail store for influencers and consumers nationwide. Fashion Nova has partnered with huge figures such as Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Amber Rose, and many more.

This site gives women and men of all shapes, ethnicities, and sizes a connection through fashion and spice. Their celebrity collaborations make the company all the better as we can rock our favorite stars' apparel and serve fiercely and confidently. Fashion Nova is the original game changer!

Bonus Tips

As promised, we will cover a few tips that you can utilize the next time you think about shopping with any of these sites.

With all of the unique and individual advantages to each of these retail sites, there are small pointers you don’t want to forget.

First, online stores such as Jurllyshe, Shein, Romwe and Lovely Wholesale also serve as nationwide wholesale companies. You can order products in bulk and redistribute merchandise through your own business and create your own line for whatever apparel you choose. It is convenient, cheap and also profitable! Not only can you dress at your best, but you can also be a girl boss and begin with these awesome online stores!

Additionally, we all love good deals because the more the merrier! So, you can also search youtube hauls of influencers or random vloggers who model the site’s clothing and add their codes in the description for extra money off. The more that you purchase, the cheaper your entire purchase will be. These companies are clever and want you to spend more, so if you order In high quantity, you will be guaranteed free shipping, a huge chunk off of your order, free points for your next purchase, and flash sale coupons.

Lastly, don’t forget to take pictures in your gear and post it to the site reviews. You will automatically be credited coupons and can add the original sale the site is promoting, in addition to your redeemed points!


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