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What’s Goin’ on with The Wolves?

Although the Michigan Wolverines started the season with a strong win against the Minnesota Golden Gophers 49-24. Since then, has been nothing to celebrate about for Michigan as the next game they are upset by their longtime rival, whom is not even ranked, Michigan State

Spartans 27-24, and following that up with a loss to the Indiana Hoosiers. Now although the Hoosiers are highly ranked and are having a productive season, the Wolverines were projected to at least be playing better than they’ve played these past few games. Their Last years 9-4 record although not the best in the conference, they beat the teams that they were perceived to beat. Two conference team losses are not a great way to start off the season especially if one

of those losses are to an unranked team, and with #13 ranked Wisconsin as the matchup for next week doesn’t makes things any easier for Michigan. All this play has critics questioning John Harbaugh’s coaching ability as his six years of coaching at the University has no championships or to many big conference wins to show for it. As the season goes on, we will see if the Wolverines can improve their play, and if not will Jim Harbaugh’s job at risk for next



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