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10 Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

In a classical “items you need in your wardrobe” article, we would tell you to own the basics. But essentially, even the basics are not the basics. As every woman has her own style, personality and silhouette. Therefore creating a “stigma of style”, and I do not want to do that.

I believe fashion is about freedom of expression. Being you to the fullest extent, and if I tell you that “every woman needs a classic black heel” in her closet, but you much rather wear flats or even sneakers for that matter, this article would not be very helpful for you. But I want this article to be for you, and ALL other women. So I created a list that all women really should have in their closet. This list fits every style, silhouette, personality and for even more perks it is super affordable, fitting your budget as well.

  1. Blazer: A blazer is a staple piece that can take an outfit to a look. Blazers are convenient for work and other adulting events. However it can also be effective for daily streetwear looks and going out. However you wear it, I know it's popping. Model @_itsmepri (Forever 21, $28).

2. Quality Denim Jeans: Denim is a timeless clothing item that is never going out of style. Get you a good quality pair and you will have them for years. A good pair of jeans can consist of patchwork, distressing, color blocking, or even a plain classic pair depending upon your preference. As long as the quality gives you multiple wears, you are good to go! (Missguided, $30).

3. White Button Down Shirt: A white button down shirt, is similar to a blazer in the sense that it is efficient for work purposes, but it is dressed up for going out reasons, as well as dressed down for causality purposes. It is another staple as it has multi purposes and ways that it can be styled. Give corporate by day and sexy by night. Model: @_itsmepri (PrettyLittleThing, $22).

4. A Signature Piece: A signature piece is something that speaks YOU when you put it on! This is the beauty of a fashion icon, every one of them has a signature item that you know when you see it. A simple example is Tracy Ellen Ross iconic Red lipstick moment or Natural hair looks. These are some of her go to’s and luckily enough we all have at least one. Whether it is a specific accessory; being a purse, necklace, hat, or even a hair style or bold lip. Regardless what it is, this piece is something that consistently speaks to your style and personality. (MAC Cosmetics, $19).

5. An Everyday Tote Bag: Granted we all probably own or at least have owned numerous bags within our lifespan. However, a tote bag is not only an essential and a classical type of bag. It is also another timeless piece that has been around for decades and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. (Coach Outlet, $89).

6. Belt: Now, this is different for me too. So if you are someone who doesn't wear belts very often, trust me you are not alone. It is rare that you see me with a belt on. However, a belt is essential. Whether you need it for work, to cinch the waist of an oversized look, close a jacket or blouse or even just to say you own one. A belt will come in handy one day if it hasn't already within your wardrobe. Model: @_itsmepri (Forever 21, $9.99).

7. Bodysuit: We all have a good 2-3 bodysuits that flatter our shape and accentuate our curves. Even if you aren't someone who is completely confident in your size, a body suit is perfect for layering. A bodysuit is a clean cut look that saves you time with tucking in shirts and attempting to create a comfortable yet snug look. Model: @_itsmepri (Zara, $29.90).

8. Black Pants: Have you ever heard someone say you can’t wear white after Labor day? Or pastel colors are for the spring? Well you can believe what you want! But one color that is argumentatively an all year around color and item is Black pants. Get you a pair and you can't go wrong! It's not much else to say about these pants but they are a classic and a must have by default. (Express, $47.94).

9. A Go To Dress: The key to a go to dress is to have something that compliments your personal silhouette and has a blank slate. A blank slate allows for you to build on it or fully achieve the simplicity of the look. You can achieve this same concept with a pair of go to pants, in case dresses aren't your thing. Model: @_itsmepri (Forever 21, $19.99).

10. A Lounge Set: You know it, you love it, and you probably wear it more than anything else you own. Especially will the current quarantined life we are all living. I'm sure you have probably bought multiple colors of your favorite set. These are perfect for errands, working out, dance classes, classes(whether it's held in person or virtual) or even Netflix and chill with bae. This is the easiest, most comfiest way to be aesthetically pleasing. (Missguided, $23).


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