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112 Released New Visual: "Looking For Love"

112 (one-twelve) was an R&B quartet from Atlanta made up of Daron Jones, Michael “Mike” Keith, Quinnes "Q" Parker, and Marvin "Slim" Scandrick. But back in 2018, the group became a duo after an argument occurred and couldn’t be resolved. Since then Mike and Slim have done their best to continue 112’s brand/legacy. Back in the early 1990s, Daron, Michael, Quinnes, and Marvin met in high school where they formed the group Forte. They were constantly performing and honing their skills until one day Courtney Sills and Kevin Wales discovered them.

Sills and Wales were great managers, introducing the group to hip-hop producers, securing auditions for them, and trying to get them noticed by record labels. Their career-launching audition was held at Atlanta's 112 Club for Sean "Diddy" Combs, CEO of Bad Boy Records. Diddy signed the quartet and changed their name from Forte to 112. After that, they flourished with their debut and second album going double platinum, and their third album going platinum. On September 4, 2020, they released their latest album “Forever” which was a good surprise, 112 was still making music despite the group split.

Recently, the music video for one of the hottest singles featured on the album “Looking For Love,” premiered on YouTube. The Damien Sandoval produced music video is the quarantine vacation fantasy of everyone’s dreams. With quarantine preventing most travel the glimpse into the lavish mansion and secluded beach scenery are the perfect vibes needed to liven up the bore of being stuck in the house. Not to mention the Calypso/Afro-Caribbean style beat that is sure to get your hips moving. In the music video, Mike and Slim indulge in bottles of Ciroc, a gorgeous mansion with a private beach, and get up close and personal with two beautiful women. They dance and sing to the women from dusk to dawn throughout their sumptuous mansion/private beach. Starting with “A cool love true love I feel like you still like it” to “Looking for love I got it she looking for love I got it”, “You’re turning me up you’re turning me on I’m so gone now”, “She got the shape of a Cola I wanna sip of it I cannot lie”, and ending with “Loves all I got she looking for love that I got.” The song blatantly details the love they have for a beautiful woman who is searching for love. This upbeat and tropical song is an absolute bop!

If you haven’t listened to 112 since they were a quartet, you are missing out on some truly amazing music. Mike and Slim are R&B legends that have been seamlessly holding down the fort. If you haven’t listened to their latest album it is available on all musical platforms, with the “Looking for love” music video available on YouTube.


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