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Bobbi Kristina is "Getting Better" - Regina S.

Earlier in the week, Bobby Brown's sister and nephew Tina and Shayne Brown open up to several news outlets to share their updates on Bobbi Kristina's condition.Tina and Shayne, who were recently invovled in a huge nasty family fight that made national headlines, have returned home. "I’ve been home for a couple of days to let everything just die down," Tina says. "Bobby wanted to spend time with her by himself. When asked if they think that Bobbi Kristina will make a full recovery Tina replied "I do. Yes." and Shayne added, "Krissy will be good. Everything will be alright." On fox 5 Atlanta Bobby's other sister revealed that Bobbi Kristina is "moving her eyes" and doctors told the family ‘she is improving'.

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