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Has ANTM Created Anything Other Than a "Quickie" Model?

According to, Tyra Banks' show "America's Next Top Model" did not produce anything but mediocre models, who eventually turned to actors and not high-fashion models. (With the exception of a few such as Fatima Said and Winne Harlow).

Many of the girls are spokespersons and actresses because they lack the "Eastern European" look that most companies aim for. Another factor might have been because the girls were too "old" to begin with. Most runway models start work as early as 16, not 23.

Even though the show was a great success through the 22 cycles, it apparently didn't fully do it's job correctly. UNLESS, the goal was to attack viewers and get ratings. Just like any other show.

Tyra still helped young ladies around the world with their self image, and gave us key terms to remember such as "smize-ing". But what seemed to be a show to get a model's career started only turned out to be a platform for knowing how to entertain television only.

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