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Sanaa Lathan Gets New Series!

First Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson, then Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs and now Sanaa Lathan. No I’m not talking about another Best Man movie (although for the record, I am completely here for it), I’m talking about Fox Network’s television line up. Fox has found huge ratings and success from its recent shows like Empire and Rosewood and now it seems they are recruiting yet another Black Hollywood Starlet from the big screen to star in a new series titled, "Shots Fired". According to an earlier description of the series, the show examines the dangerous aftermath of racially charged shootings in a small town in Tennessee; a shooting involving an African-American cop killing a white teen in Tennessee. Lathan plays an expert investigator who digs into the cases, alongside a special prosecutor sent to the town by the Department of Justice. The pair must navigate the media attention, public debate and the social unrest that comes with such volatile cases, as they seek justice before the divided town erupts. The show is led by Love & Basketball film maker Gina Prince-Bythewood and Empire executive producer Brian Grazer and will premiere 2016.

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