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Mike Epps Files for Divorce from after 10 years!

You heard right! Mike Epps is officially filing for divorce. He just called it quits after being married to Mechelle Epps. Even though they just recently were separated, they were married for almost 10 years. Apparently, the feud started all because of Mike Epps tweeting another woman asking if she could DM him.

The actors have 2 kids together and Mike has asked to have full custody of them.

When Mike filed for divorce, this past Tuesday, Mechelle made a post on social media saying:

Be thankful for closed doors, detours, and roadblocks. They protect you from paths and places you are not meant to be.”

There is no information on whether they have signed a prenuptial agreement, but many are hoping that she did, due to the increasing amount of money Mike Epps is racking up. He has just been cast in a Richard Pryor film, and is still getting praise from movies such as “Next Friday”, “The Hangover”, and “Hancock”. He is reportedly worth around $6 million right now.


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