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Chris Brown claps back at his Accuser!

Chris Brown hosted a private party in his hotel room on New Year’s Day in Las Vegas, Nevada which ended up with Liziane Gutierrez accusing him of punching her in the eye. It all started when the alleged victim Liziane was assaulted by Chris Brown when she took out her cellphone to take a picture of the singer, who continued to take her phone from her. Earlier this morning on Monday, January 4, Chris Brown decided to clap back at the” victim” and filed a lawsuit against Liziane Gutierrez who is also known for trying to ruin celebrities’ image such as Jason Derulo.

Chris Brown made a statement about the scandalous accusations on his Instagram. The singer said he did not know Liziane Gutierrez and that she was "probably too ugly to get in" to his room for his party.

A representative for Chris Brown said in a statement that the "[victim's] statements are unequivocally untrue" and a possible motive for the accusation was revenge since she had been removed from the private party due to her "disorderly and out of control" behavior.

A crime report has been taken for misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor battery, listing Chris Brown as the suspect, and the investigation continues.

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