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Sean (Diddy) Combs launches new girls clothing collection with daughters!

Sean “Diddy” Combs is no stranger to pursuing different creative ventures but it looks like he’s including his little girls in this one. This Monday he introduced a new affordable clothing line for young girls completely inspired by his three daughters Jessie, D’Lila & Chance (9). The collection features a wide variety of vibrant shirts, shorts, dresses and jackets, ranging from $35 to $100. Pieces in the upcoming line include rocker moto jackets, pastel skirts and lively colored dresses. The young girls' apparel will be offered in sizes 7-16. The collection is a partnership between Diddy’s clothing brand Sean John and Evy of California. This also marks the first female line for the Sean John brand. Diddy launched his clothing brand in 1998 and first ventured into the male children market in 2000. His company's president, Jeff Tweedy, says the brand is ready to offer high-quality options for girls now, too. Combs also assured that his three angels will work closely with him in creating the line. "Jessie, D'Lila and Chance are fashionistas in their own right and creatively, the girls will be integrated into the brand creative as they embark on this venture as hip and stylish young entrepreneurs," he said in a statement. The collection is currently available both online at in stores at all Macy’s retail location.

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