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Zendaya Heads to the Big Screen!

According to Deadline, the singer/actress/model/future bestfriend (mine of course) has officially been cast in Sony and Marvel’s upcoming Spiderman reboot. Zendaya has earned the role of what appears to be one of the leads. Her character’s name is revealed to be Michelle, but no other information on the character has been revealed (including whether or not she will be a love interest for the web slinger himself). Now I have come up with three possibilities on who her character could actually be (with the help of my fellow nerds & theorists). The first theory is that Michelle could be in fact Michelle Gonzales, Peter Parker’s roommate and romantic interest. However, seeing as this version of the movie is going for a more teenage route, I doubt that is the Michelle they are referring to (unless they find some way to flip it I guess). The second theory is that Michelle is an entirely new character to the franchise. Finally, Michelle just might be a fake name that the camp is using to throw people off (Marvel is known for it’s sneaky tricks and suprises). Regardless, I am beyond excited to see two things that I love come together: Zendaya and Marvel. Up and coming director, Jon Watts, is set to direct the movie and actors Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei have already signed on to play young Peter Parker/Spiderman and Aunt May respectively. The film is set to be released on July 28, 2017.

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