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Apollo Nida caught with "trap phone" in Jail!

Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks’ husband, is not doing so well while in jail. He apparently was using a cell phone that, of course, was not permitted in the building, to call friends and family from the jail. He was sent there to finish an eight-year sentence on fraud and theft charges.

This information and more, was sent by a insider inside of the correctional institution. They said that “He (Apollo) was taken out of camp with the general population and placed in maximum security.” and also that Phaedra has not even questioned as of now. They don’t suspect that she would have smuggled the phone in…

But guess what else? Apollo is apparently not liked very well by some of the other prisoners because he “thinks he’s still a famous reality star… He wanted special treatment, and had hard time adjusting to prison life.”

We’ll see how well he keeps up in there.

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