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Miss USA 2016!

The first ever Miss United States as a military service member, was crowned just a few days ago. Her name is Deshauna Barber from Georgia and she has made some serious history for a 26 year old in this amazing pageant that many people watch from around the world.

Barber states that, “Miss USA is someone that women around the globe aspire to be and I believe that I’m a great representation of that because I don’t have this cookie cutter background…”

She also states that being a women means being limited to certain things in a lifestyle and she wants to break barriers of that notion and wants to inspire people to do all that they want.

Barber was born in Colombus, GA and was relocated to many different states from then until now due to her father being in the military as well. She graduated from Virginia State University with a degree in Business Management and moved to DC to work as an IT analysts for the U.S. Department of Commerce. She has since then moved into the army and is now a Logistics Gommander at Fort Meade, Maryland. One of her main passions is to treat patients with PTSD and come up with solutions for suicide prevention in the Armed Forces.

When she won the title, she broke down in tears and stated that it is an honor to be the first soldier as Miss USA.

“When the sash isn’t on, the uniform is on, so it’s the most patriotic position to be in.”

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss USA Deshauna Barber!

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