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Rev Run and Tyrese's talk show gets canceled after one season!

"It's not you it's Men" has Officially gotten the axe! Today it was revealed that the OWN talk show featuring Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson is officially canceled after one season.The singer, who seemed a bit salty over the news, shared with fans that “It’s Not You, It’s Men” will NOT be returning to Oprah’s network:

“Honestly as much as I want to be mad and disappointed, I can’t be because you believed in us enough to give us a shot,” said Tyrese. “A shot that you could of given to anyone…… We were inspired to have a moment to finally spark a #mature dialogue and put some positivity on the air and not another RATCHET show throwing drinks, fighting and taking things into ratchet levels for ratings….. THAT WOULD OF BEEN EASY RIGHT”

Tyrese also shared his hope for the show getting pciked up by Netflix in one of his many rants. What do you think about the show being canceled? Should Netflix pick up the show?

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