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RGIII & Wife Becky Separate, Headed For Divorce!

It's Over! NFL QB Robert Griffin III is headed to divorce court. RGIII has a new team, and apparently is going for a new life. After three years of marriage with his wife Becky, the couple has separated. According to reports, a divorce for the college sweethearts is in the near future too. The 26-year-old baller may have surprised the rest of the world with the news, but he surely has been on the verge of separation for a long while. Any trace of Becky has been erased from all of his social media accounts, and only pics of the couple's 1-year-old daughter Reese give any hint to a previous relationship.

Reports Say:

"Griffin has been separated from his wife of three years, the former Rebecca Liddicoat, for the past several months, and he's in the process of filing for divorce," a league source told

"The couple got married on July 6, 2013, and had a daughter, Reese Ann Griffin, in May of 2015. Griffin has informed his teammates and coaches of the divorce, and they've been supportive," the source said.

And if you thought dude was taking time for himself during this time, you thought wrong. RGIII already has a new boo. Grete Sadeiko, a Florida State student from Estonia who is a track & field/Heptathalon athlete, has been posting all over her social media about Mr. Griffin. And well before he filed those divorce papers.

She's now made her Twitter account private, but she sent Tweets like "Wishing BAE good luck in training camp," good luck wishes on his recent pre-season game, and they even snapped a pic together. RG has been clicking that like button on all her posts as well.

Then there's this: He got her name tattoed on his forearm, and it was in clear sight during training camp.

Sources told TMZ Robert met Grete on Instagram this past January, just 7 months after his wife gave birth to their daughter. And he moved out just a few months later.

But there's more....

When news dropped on Tuesday that RG had filed for divorce, Becky found out just like everyone else. She was blindsided.

One solid source tells us Rebecca was still working on trying to save the marriage as recently as this week ... and was blindsided on Tuesday by news that RG3 is "in the process of filing for divorce."

Now, with RG3 getting Grete's name tattooed on his arm, we're told Rebecca has given up on a possible reconciliation. GEEZ all we can say is stay strong Becky.

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