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Britney Spears Biopic Coming To Lifetime

Earlier this week it was revealed that Lifetime would be creating and airing a two hour long TV movie which will detail what Lifetime described as the "tumultuous true story" of her rise to fame, fall from grace and triumphant resurrection. Britney will follow Spears' early career as a young girl from Louisiana and her public relationship (and breakup) with ex-NSYNC member Justin Timberlake. The film will also showcase her personal struggles following her parent’s and her own divorces from both childhood friend Jason Alexander and ex-backup dancer/baby daddy, Kevin Federline, and will end with her reemergence onto the scene as one of Pop’s greatest living legends. Australian actress Natasha Bassett is set to portray Ms. Spears herself. The news of the film comes as the real Britney is set to release Glory, her ninth studio album, as well as perform at the upcoming MTV VMAs on Sunday, and has recently extended her Las Vegas residency. All of this sounds great except, according to a statement Spears gave to PEOPLE and EW, she will not be contributing to the project “in any way, shape or form…nor does it have her blessing” (Uh Oh). I’m sure we will be hearing more news regarding the movie however, until then, production is set to begin September 19th in Vancouver for a 2017 premiere.

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