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Patti Labelle To Release New Desserts!

Remember the video of the infamous “Patti’s Pies”? Well we do! Now that Patti Labelle has gained another name for herself, she can’t stop her empire there, at her sweet potato pies.

According to CNN and Walmart, Labelle is getting ready to expand her famous pies to five new flavors of desserts!

Why is she expanding now, after a year of success? Because after YouTube sensation, James Wright Chanel ate one of her pies and started singing right on camera about how good they were, her pies were selling like infamous beignets in the heart of Louisiana!

Walmart stated that they were selling a pie every second and the demand was at its’ highest peak.

Even now, they are still selling a pretty good rate, so they are adding more desserts to the bunch,

There will now be a berry cobbler, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, an apple pecan cake, and a sweet potato loaf! You can’t go wrong with these new additions, but the problem lies within price Walmart fears.

The new prices are a tad bit higher than the original pie, starting at $6.98 and highest up to about $10.

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