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Girl Scout Cookies Making Cereal?!

Everyone loves the various Girl Scout Cookies: trefoils, thin mints, samoas, and more! Guess what is coming next? Girl Scouts CEREAL. Yes, cereal!

The company, General Mills confirmed earlier today that they are planning to release two cereals themed around the Girl Scout cookies: Thin Mints, which will taste like the Thin Mints, and Caramel Crunch, which will taste like the Samoas. On the front of the box, they display what the actual cookie is like, and what the cereal looks like.

The cookie cereal is set to launch in January, and Mike Siemienas, a General Mills spokesperson stated,

“We will provide additional information when we are closer to the launch.”

But don’t get too excited, and make sure you’re ready for the official launch, because it is said that they will only be limited edition and once the cookie sales go down, so will the cereal.

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