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Is "Rob and Chyna" renewed for second season?!

Rob K. and Blac Chyna will return on E! network with a second season of the show on E!. According to TMZ, Despite rumors saying the show has been canceled due to poor ratings and Kardashian’s unwillingness to shoot for the second run. Producers of the show are not happy about picking it up for another season according to TMZ, but they are not exactly tired of putting Chyna in front of the camera. A source with knowledge of the production reportedly said that a spin-off starring Chyna may happen if “Rob and Chyna” folds.

Production sources also say that Rob and Blac Chyna are scoring several hundred thousand dollars for a baby special, which will include footage of the birth, along with Chyna’s baby shower and other events leading up to delivery. The show will also chronicle the first few days after the baby is born.Here’s what’s unclear … whether the camera will get all up in there. We’re told Chyna is waffling, but still open to letting everyone see everything. We can't wait to see this couples next steps!

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