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Amy Schumer to star in new “Barbie” film.

The story is a spinoff of “Splash”, “Enchanted” and “Big.” In it, the main character gets kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough and lands her in the real world. Following the news that the comedian, is starring to play a real-life Barbie in Sony’s live-action Barbie movie, critiques flooded Schumer's social media feeds with spiteful comments about her weight.

Schumer responded in an Instagram post, with an essay about body positivity. “Very very honored to be nominated for 2 Grammys and to be considered to play an important and evolving icon. Is it fat shaming if you know you're not fat and have zero shame in your game? I don't think so. I am strong and proud of how I live my life and say what I mean and fight for what I believe in and I have a blast doing it with the people I love. Where's the shame? It's not there. It's an illusion. When I look in the mirror I know who I am. Im a great friend, sister, daughter and girlfriend. I'm a badass comic headlining arenas all over the world and making tv and movies and writing books where I lay it all out there and I'm fearless like you can be. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support and again my deepest sympathy goes out to the trolls who are in more pain than we will ever understand. I want to thank them for making it so evident that I am a great choice. It's that kind of response that let's you know something's wrong with our culture and we all need to work together to change it. Anyone who has ever been bullied or felt bad about yourself I am out there fighting for you, for us. And I want you to fight for yourself too! We need to laugh at the haters and sympathize with them. They can scream as loud as they want. We can't hear them because we are getting shit done. I am proud to lead by example. "I say if I'm beautiful, I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story. I will" #thegirlwiththelowerbacktattoo

The Barbie movie, scheduled for a summer 2018 release, is the first-ever live-action adaptation for the Mattel toy. Putting "a contemporary spin on beauty, feminism, and identity," according to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie follows the lead character as she is exiled from Barbieland for not being perfect enough, forcing her into the real world, where she finally learns to embrace herself.

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