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Snapchat "Stories" Update

Snapchat is back again with another update, one dealing with the way we view the “Stories” feature. If you remember when they first introduced this in 2013, it was a unique way to share certain snaps to a network for people all around the world to view. Now, Stories becomes available every now and again with different things going on for that day/week.

What Snapchat did to change the craziness of how it once was, was they added a search tool for over more than 1M stories. You can search for whatever you want, like “puppies”, “HBCU”, “food” and even more. After you search, what pops up will be based on where you are and when you’re looking, accoridng to Cosmopolitan.

It is only open for select U.S. cities, but if it gets bigger it could grow to all states.

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