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EXCLUSIVE: WAGs Star, Astrid Bavaresco Has a Chat w/ The Filez About the New Season

It’s official! WAGS Miami is back with a new season this Sunday, August 20th on E!

Season 2 brings new girls, new relationships and new beginnings...all the same except the same ‘ol drama.

We had the chance to chat with WAGS Miami star, Astrid Bavaresco about this upcoming season and how she handles everything with her busy life between taping the show and her personal life.

Instagram: @astridbavaresco

Twitter: @astridbavaresco

What can we expect to see from you for this upcoming season of WAGS?

“You’ll definitely be able to see more of my personal life and me dating. There will be relationships that fall apart, a lot of drama, but it’s a great season.”

What was your favorite moment of filming season 2?

“Celebrating the one year anniversary of my swimwear line.”

Have you and Hencha Voigt settled your difference for this season?

“We never know how we’re going to react to each other. When viewers see season two they’ll be understand our differences better.”

How did you start your swimwear line and do you plan on expanding it?

“I owned a boutique and swimwear seemed to be selling the most, so I decided to just turn it into its own line--Hera Swim. I’m currently working on a luxury line coming out in 2018.”

What persuaded you to become a speech therapist?

“I had a hip injury when I was younger and I had to do rehab. There I was exposed to several therapist. Being around it all just sparked curiosity in me through communication and therapy. Helping people through communication is very passionate to me. It is my one true passion. I am also working on my Masters to become a speech pathologist. “

How do you handle it all?

“I’ve gotten better at prioritizing and managing my time.”

Are people starting to recognize you from the show?

Yes, it’s really hard, especially at school. One time I turned in an

assignment to a professor and another student came in and yelled “Aye! You’re the girl off WAGS Miami!” and mentioned me fighting. My professor was kinda shocked.

Make sure to follow Astrid Bavaresco on Instagram, check out her swimwear line and tune into season 2 of WAGS Miami this Sunday!

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